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celestialdeth asked
Top five scenes in Pacific Rim


  1. that one part where the whole movie

Here is my problem with comic book artists. I am a summer camp rec leader for 11-12 year old girls. Tomorrow is Super Hero Day. My girls stopped googling images of female superhero outfits because the images from published comic books—I’m talking about actual image panels from legit comic books—made them feel too uncomfortable and angry. Every. single. one. of. my. girls. shut down the internet on their phones (which they were using with special permission) and sat at the table looking completely sad and tired. Thank you shitty artists for completely turning my campers’ enthusiasm into apathy. Go fuck yourselves.

Sophie Turner confirms in an interview with The Wrap that she starts filming Wednesday in Belfast, where all her shooting with occur this year. She revealed that Sansa will be playing on her sexuality to manipulate Littlefinger in season 5

Overheard at AnimeNEXT

Aragorn cosplayer: Legolas, what do your elf eyes see?

(Legolas cosplayer scouts around the area)

Legolas cosplayer: Nerds.